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Scheve Toren van Acquoy


Scheve Toren van Acquoy

The village of Acquoy is best known for its most striking building, the leaning tower of the Reformed Church. The tower has been out of control since it was built in the 15th century. The tower is therefore also called the "Betuwe Tower of Pisa".

The Dead Linge
Acquoy is located on a former, u-shaped side branch of the Linge, called the "Dead Linge". The elongated village is located on the dyke at a river bend and is one of the most beautiful villages along the Linge. It has therefore received the status of a protected village. Acquoy was once a Baronie owned by the Oranges. One of the titles of Princess Beatrix is ??therefore still "Van Acquoy".

Leaning church tower
The brick tower of the original St. Catherine's Church dates from the second half of the 15th century and was built in the late Gothic style. The construction was plagued by floods from the Linge. The river water regularly washed away soil under the tower. You can see from the tower that a correction has been applied halfway through, so that the tower has a slight kink. The third section of the tower was demolished in the 18th century to prevent collapse. The rest of St. Catherine's Church was demolished after serious damage by a hurricane in 1674. The current reformed church was erected in 1844 to replace it.

Betuwe tower of Pisa
The old tower therefore only consists of two sections and is 17.5 meters high. At the top, the tower is 115 centimeters off the lead, but it has not subsided for years. The skew is comparable to its famous Italian counterpart, the tower of Pisa. It is striking that in the small cemetery with only 19 graves, the grave of a Mrs. Pisa can be found. Cornelia Pisa was married to the former reformed pastor Nicolaas Hendrik Kuipéri. Because of Cornelia's last name, and because the tower is crooked, the "Betuwe Tower of Pisa" is used.