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Escaperoom de Binnenpoort


Escaperoom de Binnenpoort

At Escape Room the Binnenpoort you will find two exciting escape rooms. You can use it from 2 people up to 10 people. And there are even options for children from 10 years! A super nice idea for a children's party!

Room: The Binnenpoort

You have built up a debt in the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands. Kuylenburg is the only place where you are free from the creditors and you must ensure that you enter the free city of Kuylenburg before the creditors have caught you.

It is 10 pm, the clock is sounding and the gates are closed. Tom the gatekeeper wants to help you, he opens the gates for 35 gold coins. Solve the riddles and puzzles and get the requested coins to have Tom open the gate, but shoot the creditors are already close! (Child version: From 10 years - Regular version: From 14 years. Playable with 2-10 players)

Chamber: The murder investigation

An American Mafia family has come to Culemborg to gain control of the Betuwe drug trade. A fierce battle is taking place, which is fought with many car fires. Last Wednesday things got out of hand when shots were fired at the Angelino Mayer party. There have been several deaths and the family wants to know who is behind this liquidation. Do you take on the role of a real private investigator and help you solve the murders? (From 16 years old. Playable with 2-6 players)

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