Van Der Valk Carwellness

Right next to the hotel we have an extensive car wash. Van der Valk Carwellness Tiel offers a unique new concept for whole car cleaning! If you want to clean your car during your stay, take a look at our VIP treatment. 

Car Wash
Our fully automatic car wash is no less than 45 meters long and you will get totally different washing here. We clean your car manually and under high pressure with environment-friendly cleaning materials. These detergents are applied by our skilled employees and the chain wash takes care of the rest. You do not have to do anything. You just sit and your car rolls smoothly, clean and dry, out of our car wash.

Our professional carcleaning staff handles the interior and exterior of your car. We use the latest brushing techniques and guarantee that every form of cleaning is carried out by us. We use special treatment methods to protect the paint, windows, rims and materials of the interior.

VIP treatment
Experience VIP treatment, a unique combination of professional carcleaning and a fully automatic car wash. With the VIP pamper package, your car will receive the most extensive washing program and highly effective interior treatment. Tired of waiting in our waiting room? Come and see how our employees are spoiling your car with a real VIP treatment. 

For more information take a look at our website.