Explore the surroundings of Tiel


Just 2 km from the hotel is the centre of Tiel, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Here you can shop at well-known chain shops such as H&M, Blokker and Xenos, as well as local shops. Moreover, the centre has several squares with cosy catering establishments where you can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink.

Charming Buren is just under 20 minutes from the Hotel/ This historic fortified town played an important role in the history of the House of Orange. For instance, William of Orange was married here and King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are still Count and Countess of Buren. Besides this rich history, the town has much more to offer, it is a beautiful area to walk around hearing and there is plenty of shopping.



If you prefer a slightly larger city, the hotel's central location offers access to several major cities. Just a 30-minute drive away is Nijmegen, with a lively city centre full of shops, specialty shops, restaurants, museums and venues. Nijmegen is known for its many historical attractions as one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, including the Kronenburgerpark and the Waalkade.

Shop and enjoy


Within half an hour's drive from Hotel Tiel is the vibrant city of Arnhem, where the city centre is a perfect destination for a day out. With over 400 shops, ranging from large chains to charming boutiques, you will find something for everyone. Enjoy delicious food and drinks in cosy eateries and discover unique activities, from underground surprises to panoramic views of the city from a great height. There is also a direct train connection from Tiel to Arnhem.

with good and bad weather


Utrecht, a half-hour drive from Tiel or easily accessible by train, offers a range of shopping opportunities. Hoog Catharijne, a modern shopping complex, houses both well-known retail chains and unique boutiques, perfect for shopping in less favourable weather. Also explore the beautiful historic city centre. After shopping, the majestic Dom tower beckons. Utrecht effortlessly weaves history with contemporary trends. Don't miss the ‘Vredenburg Market’ on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Brabant sociability

Den Bosch

In Den Bosch, just a 30-minute drive from Hotel Tiel, you can shop in the compact city centre. Explore the diverse shops, from local boutiques to well-known chains. With cobbled streets and historic buildings, the city offers an authentic shopping experience. Discover artisan shops and modern department stores, all within walking distance of each other. Enjoy a relaxing day of shopping and finish with a typical Bossche delicacy at one of the cosy terraces.

If you want to explore a city by public transport, Tiel railway station, just 2 km away from our hotel, offers a solution. You can reach the station by bus or a short 15-minute walk. From there, several trains depart every hour, directly to cities such as Utrecht and Arnhem. So you can easily and quickly explore the area and enjoy all the beauty these cities have to offer