Rows full of white and pink flowers, the sun on your face and a subtle sweet scent. It is blossom time again. With the Betuwe in our backyard, our hearts leap every year when the first blossoms can be seen on the fruit trees. Although metrologically speaking spring has already started for a while, the beginning of blossom time in the Betuwe represents the real spring feeling. The period when the blossom is in full bloom again is perhaps the most beautiful time of the year. Could you use some spring feeling? Then visit the Betuwe during the blossom season and you can be sure of a successful spring!

When does the Betuwe blossom?

When visiting the beautiful surroundings of the Betuwe, it is of course nice to see as much of the blossom as possible. When the Betuwe blossom depends on the weather. Most of the blossom in the Betuwe blossoms in April and May, but the weather and also the type of blossom determine when it blooms. Is the weather warm and sunny early in spring? Then the beautiful blossoms appear earlier. Is it not yet nice weather early in spring? Then we have to wait a little longer for the beautiful blossoms in the Betuwe.

Also, not all blossom trees bloom at the same time. Usually the cherry trees are in bloom first, followed by the pear and apple trees. So we can enjoy the beautiful blossoms in the Betuwe for an extra long time! 

Cycling and walking routes along the blossom in the Betuwe
Doing one (or all) of the cycling routes is the ideal way to get out and about in the blossom season! Pick a beautiful route or set off on your own and enjoy all the beauty the Betuwe has to offer. Cycle past dozens of orchards, over winding dykes and through picturesque villages. And don't forget your camera, because the surroundings of the Betuwe in blossom time are certainly photogenic!

We have listed the most beautiful cycle routes through the Betuwe for you:

Fruit route (45 km)

On winding roads and high dives, the Fruit Route takes you through picturesque and cosy towns of the Betuwe. The high dykes provide wonderful views of the blossoms and the meandering Linge. The Fruit Route of the Betuwe is a beautiful cycle route of over 45 kilometres right through the Betuwe. The ideal way to find out why the blossom of the Betuwe is so popular in the spring months!

Betuwe route (57 km)

The Betuweroute is the ideal cycling tour for fans of the Betuwe's blossom period. Over 57 kilometres takes you along many rural roads and dozens of orchards with beautiful blossoms. Be sure to stop along the way to reward yourself with one of the beautiful views from the dykes of the Betuwe.

The Toekan route (70 km)

Start and finish this route at the cycling hotel of the Betuwe! Ideal for an overnight stay and as starting point of this cycle tour. Cycle past many fruit orchards with beautiful blossoms and colourful fruit in summer. End the day with a delicious dinner at Van der Valk Hotel Tiel.

Curious about more fun spring outings? Then look here for the best spring tips in and around Tiel.

Staying overnight at Van der Valk Hotel Tiel

The blossom in the Betuwe has a lot to offer! Perhaps so much that one day touring the Betuwe during blossom time is not enough. And what could be better than relaxing at Van der Valk Hotel Tiel? After a successful cycling or walking tour along the many blossom trees in the Betuwe, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy a luxurious overnight stay with your feet up.

Especially for spring, Van der Valk Hotel Tiel has put together a Merry Spring Package. Spend the night in a luxury room, join an extensive breakfast buffet in the morning, dine in the restaurant and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Betuwe. A lovely weekend break in the Betuwe.

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