When a family member or close friend dies, organizing a condolence or funeral often takes up a lot of time that you would rather spend saying goodbye to. We are happy to take that care out of your hands and give you time in return.

The condolence or meeting after the funeral can be arranged in different ways.

Culinary possibilities

Saying goodbye to your loved one can take place in different ways. It is important that everything is taken care of down to the last detail. So is the culinary part. At Van der Valk there are several possibilities. From reception with coffee and tea to an extensive lunch or dinner. Also a drink tailored to your wishes, is one of the possibilities.

We take care of it:

  • Stylish rooms
  • Space for farewell ceremony with the coffin
  • Table for condolence registration
  • Separate room for the family
  • Drinks of your choice
  • Culinary interpretation according to your wishes
  • Possibilities for lunch, dinner or drinks
  • Free sufficient parking space

For an appointment or more information please contact our sales department, phone number 0344 - 88 11 00 or