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Ouwehand Zoo Rhenen


Ouwehand Zoo Rhenen

Ouwehands Dierenpark Rhenen ... So adventurous!

Stand nose to nose with the polar bears, spy the unique white lions with their young from an exciting vantage point and walk under the winding orang utans. Visit the spectacular sea lion show, go on an adventure in Gorilla Adventure and hang the beast in RavotAapia, Europe's largest indoor play jungle.

Expedition Bear forest Berenbos Expedition: a special experience around the brown bears and wolves. Go through the exciting maze, visit the village of Karpatica and discover everything about the bear. Continue the expedition, admire the starry sky and go on an adventure in Het Berenbos.

The Bear Forest

In the Bear Forest, brown bears, which were previously abused, enjoy a carefree life. Together with the wolves they live on a two-hectare forest plot with a waterfall, rocks and a pond. A unique project!

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