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Buren, Oranjestad van de Betuwe


Buren, Oranjestad van de Betuwe

In picturesque Buren you will find all the information about 'the pearl of the Betuwe' In Buren you can enjoy both walking and cycling, but it is also a city with history and you will learn everything about the special bond between the royal family. and Oranjestad Buren.

Are you going to Buren for a day? We have the following tips:

The Marechaussee Museum
Experience the world of the oldest police organization in the Netherlands. In the Marechausseemuseum you will discover the past, present and future of the Marechaussee. From its foundation in 1814 to the modern and professional Marechaussee of today.

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Museum Buren & Oranje
Museum Buren & Oranje exists since 1988. It is located in the ancient and monumental town hall on the Markt in Buren. Why this museum? Although in Buren you will find a Royal Orphanage, a corn mill "The Prince of Orange" and hotel / restaurant "De Prins", in the Oranjestadje little of its rich history could be found. The Orange Museum meets this need, because Buren has 'old papers' with our royal family. In the Betuwe fortified town in 1551 Prince William of Orange married his first bride, the rich Anna van Buren-Egmond. Both were only eighteen years old. This first Dutch wedding concluded in the Netherlands, countess Anna made a princess and the prince became the richest nobleman of our Low Countries. Anna van Buren is not only the first, but also the only Dutch bride of our reigning Oranjehuis.

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