Surprise menu for children

For our youngest guests we have prepared a  versatile menu : Van der Valk 'world eaters'. Children are offered to try some new dishes, different from those in traditional children's menus. In addition to delicious menu, there is also a lot of entertainment in our spacious children's corner / play corner. During good weather days children can play in the play castle on our terrace! 

Eat like a child from a distant country
Together with Toekan Timo kids travel to different places such as Hawaii, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Italy, and of course the Netherlands. Timo has a nice story to accompany every dish. This exciting journey changes every six months so that it always remains surprising. Curious? Take a look, or book a table

"Worldeaters" book
The children's menu is inspired by the award-winning book by Marjolein de Vlaam. The book is full of interesting stories and funny facts about different countries in the world and delicious recipes. The book is for sale at all participating Van der Valk restaurants. Click here for more information about the book. 

Kids Rights
As we want to help children who are less fortunate, we support the KidsRights organization. This organization stands up for the rights of vulnerable children around the world. With our children's menu we participate in the Sizanani food program in South Africa. Read more about Van der Valk and KidsRights.

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